Rashmi Nigam

Rashmi Nigam


About Rashmi Nigam

Rashmi brings over 15 years of experience from her time in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. After working with clients and stakeholders in the corporate world, she decided to take her talents to real estate.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or a seasoned investor looking to sell off one of your properties, Rashmi can help you meet your real estate goals.

Buying or selling a house is a big decision for anyone. It can also be a tough and confusing process. That is why Rashmi has two priorities when working with you: first, finding the ideal match for your unique needs and circumstances, and second, helping you navigate every step of the journey from first viewing to final closing.

Before settling down in Texas, Rashmi moved around the United States, living in California, New York, and New Jersey. She holds MS degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology and her proudest accomplishment is raising two boys, both of whom are now pursuing careers in finance. Rashmi is a proud supporter of her community and was an active member of Lions Club, an international service organization dedicated to improving quality of life for the less fortunate.

Creating a new chemical compound is not easy and neither is real estate, both need a catalyst to move the process along. Rashmi is here to be that catalyst, helping you find real value in real estate.