Penelope Prince

Penelope Prince

Realtor & Director of Operations

  • Office Location: 2011 Lakeside Parkway, Flower Mound, TX

About Penelope Prince

A military dependent all her life and then a Veteran herself, moving home to home all over the country has made her an expert in transitioning.  Her father was in the Army, and both her and her husband were in the Coast Guard. 

Since moving was part of the military lifestyle, keeping a long-term career was a challenge. Although she has a Business and Marketing degree, Penelope began substitute teaching and dedicated her time in schools where her two sons attended.  She would introduce reading programs to the schools, volunteered with the PTA and became an Art docent to a school that didn’t have an art program.   She was recognized from administrators for her hard work and making a difference where it mattered most, the students. Recently she was a middle school Spanish teacher where the Chamber of Commerce awarded her as educator of the year!

Being part of The Sharma Group, she could use her experience to help clients. As the Director of Operations, she is able to assist Swapnil Sharma as well as provide team support, she couldn’t ask for a better place to work.  

“Home searching or listing should feel exciting!  It is when The Sharma Group is there making sure everything is covered.  Let us take care of you!!  Have you been Sharmanized yet? ”