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The Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed us to turn everyday objects into wi-fi enabled devices. With the IoT and these smart technologies, we now have the ability to customize our homes to fit our individual needs. Every day, we are seeing more and more applications that focus specifically on improving our quality of life through home automation. Check out these six apps that use technology to build a smarter, safer, and more individualistic home owning experience in Dallas Fort Worth Area:


AutoVoice is an advanced voice command app that allows you to set custom and personalized commands for your smart home automation. The app is used with your phone or your home’s smart speaker, such as Google Home or Echo Dot. With AutoVoice, you can program your own complex voice commands that surpass the simple voice commands we’re used to. 

Samsung’s SmartThings (w/ SmartHub)

SmartThings transforms your iPhone or Android smartphone into a complete command center for your entire list of smart home devices. Basically, it is the brain of a smart home, connecting all of the independent smart devices you have to work together. 

WeMo app (w/ WeMo SmartPlug)

Belkin’s WeMo is a wi-fi enabled smart plug that turns anything you plug into an outlet into a smart device. You simply plug a device into WeMo and use the free WeMo app to turn it off and on from wherever you are. Forgot to turn off the coffee maker? No problem. Just open the app and turn off your coffee maker! WeMo also offers smart light switches, which allow you to control your lights from the app.  

Ring (w/ Ring Video Doorbell)

Ring connects to your Ring Video Doorbell ($99.99) and is essential for any homeowner. With a wi-fi enabled, motion activated camera, Ring allows you to see who is approaching your front door from anywhere – even at night. When someone enters your front yard, Ring opens on your phone with a direct HD feed from the doorbell. Using your smartphone, you are able to speak with whoever is at your front door through the two-way microphone. Whether you are traveling, home alone, or at the store, Ring provides you with an added layer of home security.  


HomeZada is a digital home management app dedicated to helping homeowners get organized, save time and money, and manage, protect, and improve one’s house. HomeZada offers a long list of helpful tools and features for homeowners, including home finance management features, asset inventory creation and storage, and management of home maintenance deadlines and duties.

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Scrutinizing paint chips can be a long and frustrating experience – especially when you realize the paint chip you took hours to pick looks nothing like the actual paint color once applied to your wall. The Color Capture app will come in handy any time you see a color in the world you love. Simply take a photo of a color and the app will match it to a corresponding Benjamin Moore paint color. The app also lets you design paint color combinations to find the perfect palette of colors for your bedroom.      

Overall, whether you are looking to turn your home into a smart home or simply improve your home maintenance, these six apps will significantly improve the quality of life for any homeowner.